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Description of the Book:


This book is an amalgamation of poetry on topics focusing on pragmatism and deep thoughts, love and despair, hope and hopelessness.
The readers can easily relate to it as it encompasses the hustle bustle of our daily life.
In this book you will find solace amidst storm. And this is why now you hold this book in your hands and cherish in your heart.


SKU: 9789358315851
  • Author's Name: SUJANA BISWAS

    About the Author:  Writer and educator Sujana Biswas is the author of her first book- CARPE DIEM. She comes from a humble background. A lady with love for life and passionate about creative writing. As the book name suggests; she believes in CARPE DIEM -TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT.Her IKIGAI is DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO.
    Book ISBN: 9789358315851
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