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Description of the Book:

Can’t Be Vocal About It is a collection of creative poetic pieces compiled so that one feels the words stirring through the heart and mind. Considering the subject of unspoken emotions, we’ve constantly been subjected to the fear of judgement and criticism, but within it, everyone’s individuality procures senses that are far from expressing. In the book, I’ve included feelings that relate to or align with love, toxicity, fear, heartbreak, freedom, and solitude. Having spent quite a lot of time developing the words revolving around the unspoken feelings, the writer has tried her best to put them forth with tenderness. The book is merely a string, weaved with blooming poems of Rishika Desai in Hindi and English language. Wishing you an unbelievably delightful journey reading the creative aspects that hit you with jolting currents of emotions to pluck your heartstrings.

Can't Be Vocal About It

  • Author Name: Rishika Subhash Desai
    About the Author: Rishika Desai, born in 1999 and hails from Pune, India. A Computer Engineer pursuing Cyber Security. Fascinated with poetry and writing, this book marks her first step as an author. She also loved animals and mostly spends time being a dog parent or feeding stray pooches. Her mind tries to capture every fleeting moment in words so it can be penned forever. She felt that life's journey is all about decisions & this is one thing she never hesitated about. She believed in grabbing every opportunity that came her way to make herself stand to her identity today. Further, she plans to bring more such stories and pieces of creative work in front of the readers and excel in the field of the profession she has chosen. Apart from this, you might find her capturing cloud patterns and exploring places- within her imaginations and reality as well!


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