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Description of the Book:


An old man that hates socks, a young military man’s son from Nainital, a woman afraid of returning to her own home, an imaginary apartment with the ghost of loved ones . . . and a sprinkle of poems on love and lovers. A collection of 20 odds and ends, Calling the Shots has a bit of something for everyone – a poem telling a story, some challenging an existential crisis, some with fancy metaphors and some charmingly simple.

Calling the Shots

  • Author Name: Shatorupa Ghosh
    About the Author: Shatorupa Ghosh (nicknamed ‘Shots’ by people tired of saying it right) is a 21-year-old Biotechnology Engineer who loves twisty DNA as much as she loves twisting words. Currently working in a Bangalore based Biotech firm, she hopes to author a book on lame jokes as well as 101 ways to avoid being caught procrastinating (both being her forte)


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