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Description of the Book :


The title of this collection was inspired by Windir's song "Byrjing" from the album "Arntor". "Byrjing" is Norwegian for "beginning", which represents the underlying theme in the creation of this collection. This collection of poetry represents the beginning of awareness, in the self and in this world, as well as the start of my writing career. "Byrjing (The Beginning)" is my first in print effort, my first poetic full-fleshed hope in providing something of value to whomever may come across this little book. This is only the start.

Byrjing (The Beginning)

  • Author's Name : Savannah Rubalcava
    About the Author : My writing bloomed as a personal challenge when I was a sophomore in high school. I found I was flimsy in completing projects and figured I should change that by starting a journal and keeping with it to the last page. I wish I could say I've been writing ever since I could hold a pen up right, or ever since my sophomore year, but my natural inclination and disposition was that of a frustrating woman. Thankfully, the thought of writing never left for too long, and I did finish that sophomore journal. Only as an adult have I finally taken my craft seriously enough to struggle with it, utterly suck, challenge myself with different rhymes, meters, and forms, and ultimately share it. My name is Savannah Rubalcava, and I hate third person bios. I hold a degree in English from California State University, Chico. I'm a recovered bulimic. I'm an editor. A girl. A cringe corny poetess.
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