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Description of the Book :


Honest. Raw. Real. Bury Me In Sunflowers is the writing debut of Hassan G. Khan. A broad and varied anthology - Love, Heartbreak, Loss, Freedom, Nature and Mental health are amongst some of the ideas he skillfully crafts to epitomise his life experiences into poetry. A book in which anyone can read and find something that hits home, you will embark on an emotional yet ever-changing journey that often challenges the conventions of poetry as we know it. A kaleidoscope of raw emotion, dedication and passion is the fuel of each and every poem Hassan G. Khan has written in Bury Me In Sunflowers. Pick your flowers, hold onto them and walk through the tame farms, vast parks, barren wastelands or volatile minefields that he leaves his words on inside this book.

Bury Me In Sunflowers

  • Author's Name :  Hassan G. Khan
    About the Author :  Hassan G. Khan is a contemporary poet who looks in the opposite direction to the traditional and familiar world of poetry as we know it. He writes predominantly writes without consideration of form and genre, and instead looks to display to his readers the vivid (and often multiple) personalities that each poem has.
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