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Description of the book:

"the yellowing leaves as the wind hits its crackling sound the pure rain drop as it hits the ground beautiful things and its beautiful sound like the beating of my heart when it is you I have found" for those who dare to hope

Burn The Fairy Tales

  • Author Name: Raeman Aidasani
    About the Author: Hello stars *waves* I am here with her very first poetry book. After reading this book I'm sure it'll be one of your favorites. Well I have that effect on people. I am currently in my first year junior college or maybe still year 10, damn blame COVID! One direction, Shawn Mendes and Ian Somerhalder have my heart. I started writing poems on a random Saturday night, eating ice creams and since then I never stopped. I started writing stories on Wattpad, which also earned me a really sweet family who loved my work. I really hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Someone said, being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and the same time endlessly exposing them and rightly so. All that I've written are things I felt, or saw around me just let out in overdramatized way.


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