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Description of the Book:


"Bundle of Joy" is an uplifting collection of poems that serve as a beacon of light in the everyday hustle of life. Through verses brimming with hope, love, success, and unwavering positivity, this book invites readers to rediscover the simple joys and the profound beauty of life. Each poem is a delicate tapestry of emotions and insights, designed to lift the spirits and inspire the soul.

In "Bundle of Joy," readers will explore themes that resonate deeply with anyone seeking a dash of inspiration or a moment of peace amid the chaos of daily life. From the exhilarating highs of success to the serene depths of love, these poems celebrate the incredible power of a positive outlook. This book is not just a collection of poems; it's a journey through the heart's capacity for joy and the mind's potential for transformation.

Bundle of Joy

SKU: 9789360944636
  • Author's Name: Kamakshi Jasra Sharma

    About the Author: Kamakshi is a talented corporate lawyer with a creative spirit that pushes her to explore new horizons constantly. Apart from her prowess in legal complexities, she has a passion for creativity and self-expression. Recently, she has embarked on a writing journey, adding yet another skill to her impressive repertoire. Kamakshi's willingness to dive into new experiences not only enriches her personal growth but also brings a unique perspective to her professional life, making her a standout in both realms.
    Book ISBN: 9789360944636
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