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Description of the Book:

Built under the Sky is not just a compilation of phrases but a string of feelings and musings that the author had through the past year, a year which was not kind to most of us. This book isn't a sign of true fiction, but rather one that provides insight into how the author feels about the people in their life and how the author perceives things in their life; also a few parts that would take you on a nostalgic trip. It reveals how the author relies on words as a pillar and finds peace in writing. It is made in a way that it can help readers refresh their memories while also encouraging them to make new ones and not lose hope during difficult times, for the sun will shine upon one day. The author believes that in this round world, most of the sky is under one's feet, so sky can not be the limit to what one can do. One simply has to dream, love- love themselves, love the ones that stand by them, and everything one wished for will be theirs, with a little hard work of course.

Built Under the Sky

  • Author's Name: Keerthanaa R
    About the Author: Keerthanaa R is an undergraduate student pursuing HONS. in Hyderabad. The author is originally from Tamil Nadu, nevertheless proud of both her birthplace and workplace. The author is new to the world of professional writing, a path the author is happy to have taken. She has contributed to anthology works and is still exploring the world of writing, but has been a fan of literature and words from a long time. She got into writing to channelize her thoughts and opinions, when there was no one around to listen to her talk. She draws her inspiration from the people and scenery around her. Keerthanaa loves reading- reading literature in English and Hindi and reading fanfiction. She also loves listening to old Hindi and Tamil music as well as BTS, watching old movies, binging TV series and absolutely adores her friends and loves spending time with them. Keerthanaa lives in Hyderabad and can be contacted at- mail: instagram: skribble_max
    Book ISBN: 9781005488383


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