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Description of the Book :


"You are an engineer. 

Engineering brings to mind soldering sparks and circuitry, something untouchable by mortal hands except for the blessed few. It is that prodigious field, ambitious and bold, and altogether inscrutable. 

Yet, you stand here with this book in your hands, and you are an engineer. 

This collection of poems walks you through the incomprehensible vernacular of STEM fields through the lens of human experience, intertwining the two so closely they have become indistinguishable. 

Open the book. Engineer your own experience."

Built and broken

  • Author's Name : Sanjita Jain
    About the Author : Hi, I'm Sanjita! I've been a writer for over a decade and a reader longer than I can begin to imagine. When I started writing bad fanfiction at twelve years old, I only knew to write shallow character arcs and flowery prose; since then, I've grown into my style and learned about enjambment, which made me a proper poet. I hop between songs (recently published as part of an indie video game), short stories (incoming Shakespeare-based anthology fic!) and of course, poetry collections. This will be my first but certainly not last! In my spare time, of which I have very little, I study medicine, biology, and consume infinite sources of media, many of which have to do with STEM in some capacity.
    Book ISBN : 9798429953991
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