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In a world often filled with darkness, sometimes it's difficult to even find the stars. One has to know where to look. If they look hard enough, maybe, just maybe, they can find enough light to pull them out of the dark.

Building Constellations is a collection of poems that deals with both dark and light, sadness and hope. It is a work of healing and understanding that it is okay to allow the darkness into your life, but knowing there's always a chance to find more stars and that no one is ever truly alone.

Building Constellations

SKU: 9788841400371
  • Author's Name : Morgan Dakota
    About the Author : Morgan Dakota is a writer that hails from South Carolina, but has always found home and solace between the pages of books. Discovering her love of writing at a very young age, it has always been a dream to build worlds of her own that readers will gladly escape to when times are hard. Having her own share of personal tragedies, Morgan Dakota has often found inspiration in sharing those stories, just like many authors before her. She hopes by sharing what she creates, that the world we live in feels a little less lonely for everyone, but to affect just one person would be enough.
    Book ISBN : 9788841400371
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