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Description of the Book:


"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful imaginations ". 'Buds of poetry' contains such 20 spontaneous overflow of my blooming creative imaginations that took shape over time. Like any other literary piece, this too fluctuates between reality and imagination. Thus connecting it sequentially may seem as the most tedious job as each on is composed on different themes. All the poems written here travel through a 'signifier' - 'signified' relationship. The themes, at the outset, introduces as a signifier (for example 'mother ') then at the next realm it takes the role of a signified (affection, care). Thus, in a way, though this anthology switches between literal and implied levels of aesthetic enjoyments, I hope this will stir you on different grounds.

Bud's Of Poetry

  • Author's Name: Jismin Philip
    About the Author: Author's Bio 'Buds Of Poetry’ is Jismin Philip's first book. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree from Mahatma Gandhi University. Motivated and disciplined, she is always keen to learn. Family and friends are her strengths. Her realistic approach to situations lend a human touch to her writing. She hopes to continue her explorations of expression, imagination and the art of healing through poetry for years to come. Instagram @jismin_philip


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