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Description of the Book :


Brown Bruises is a collection of poems that addresses the stigma in the brown community on matters such as Mental Health, Menstruation, Sexuality and so on. The poems also relates to the trauma faced by brown girls and women, the queer community and marginalised people due to various forms of supremacy. I’d like to convey the following trigger warnings to my readers: Trauma Body shaming Depression Suicidal thoughts Female infanticide Sexual harassment Bigotry Forced marriage Domestic violence Caste-based violence Death

Brown Bruises

  • Author's Name : Manasa
    About the Author : Manasa (she/her) is a 23-year-old Sociologist, Intersectional Feminist and Poet living in Chennai. She graduated from Middlesex University, London, with a master's degree in International Relations. The author aspires to become a PR professional, and her long-term goal is to work at a Human Rights organisation. As a teenager, Manasa’s poems were predominantly about family and friendship, but, as a young adult, she began to write about societal-level matters that affected her deeply. Manasa throws light on issues such as Gender Inequality, Mental Health and Body Positivity that requires immediate attention and affirmative action.
    Book ISBN : 9781005210571
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