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Description of the Book :


A collection of poetry aiming to break down some of the stigma that is associated with both chronic and mental illness. The inspiration for the collection is the idea that you cannot recover from chronic illness - it is here to stay (breaking) but if you put the work in to recovery from mental illness it is possible to get better and to have a life worth living (mending)!

Breaking and Mending

SKU: 9789357445269
  • Author's Name : Anna Gray
    About the Author : I am a 24 year old from the UK and I am passionate about raising awareness about both chronic and mental illness. My life was turned upside down three years ago when I was diagnosed with a chronic bladder condition which, in turn, had a huge impact on my mental health. I want to make others who are struggling feel less alone and isolated during something that is an inherently isolating time.
    Book ISBN : 9798428404470
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