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Description of the Book:

Do you often find yourself battling inside your brain? Do you keep asking questions to yourself instead of asking it out loud? Brain Battle is a collection of 21 poems in different genre from different point of views in time. Through some poem author is asking you to look deep within, and through some author is simply answering the questions you ask yourself. Read Brain Battle to find out what these questions are?

Brain Battle

  • Author Name: Abhilasha Jain
    About the Author:  Abhilasha Jain is a Biomedical Engineer, who's currently pursuing her Master's in Applied Mathematics battling with her brain on daily basis. Having lived in various parts of India, she's now staying in Boston, US. She write poems & make sketches before going to bed. She's a Panda who can't sleep. She started writing in 2010 but Brain Battle is Abhilasha's First Poetry Book.
    Book ISBN: 9789200813801


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