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Description of the Book:


This short collection of 21 poems is a personal exploration of motherhood, love and loss. 'Borne' is a journey through a world that is at times tender, at times stark; and shot through with the knowledge that words cannot fully capture themes so ubiquitous yet individual.


SKU: 9789357440714
  • Author's Name: Abigail Lovell
    About the Author: Abigail lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and son. This is her first volume of poetry but writing has always been part of her life. She studied French and English Literature at the University of Oxford. Motherhood hit Abigail like a truck. So, almost 3 years after the birth of her first child and 18 months after the loss of her second, she writes of her own experience of motherhood, love and loss.

    Book ISBN: 9789357440714

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