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Description of the Book:

If you lost your jobs, If you are suffering from Dipression, If you have no Super Power but living in India and still you are in Love...

You Must Read It.

Born in October

  • Author Name: Souptik Pal
    About the Author: Souptik Pal was born in 10 th April 1992 at Naihati. Student of Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan, Ramkrishna Mission Vidyamandira and Jadavpur University. Completed his Masters in Bengali Language and Literature, M Phil in Comparative Literature. By profession a High School Teacher.Also involved with Theatre group 'Bihongo'. Wrote few plays like 'Ajgubi', 'Bharatbarsha','Osukh Vangar Pala' in Bengali.
    Book ISBN: 9781845679200


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