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Description of the Book :


There is some ardent force that drives me to write, When I recollect an experience, just like a captivating painting; Or just like a swing, swaying amidst thoughts and ideas, Hoping, that the painting reappears and floats On the water, in the form of paper boats full words The memory can be An old house with cellars and attics, or cobbled street with dim lights, Or a forest with streetlamps, or a part of garden fences, Or as fireflies caught in those streetlights Or a person, blurry with time. I have transformed my thoughts into words, I hope my words move you to see light at the end of the tunnel. And I hope you turn that light into a bookmark of life.

Bookmarks from Memory

  • Author's Name :  Riddhi Trivedi
    About the Author :  Riddhi Trivedi is a freelance writer, residing in Mumbai, India. On days that she isn’t having a writer’s block, she engages her vague ideas in a war with her keyboard, to create something meaningful. She scribbles her thoughts in all literary forms and genres. Most of her poems are in metaphors that she leaves upon her readers to interpret. She wishes to reach out to millions with her poems, in hopes that it serves as a means of catharsis.
    Book ISBN :  9781005982676
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