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Description of the Book :


It's been one year since my forced abstinence from a college in Boston (at the time of writing this). This collection of poems are my reflection today. The theme centers around my bitterness from the abandonment of my so-called friends and my internal journey to forgive them and bless them. It was rough, but God had a lot to show me of what that means.

Bone and Marrow

  • Author's Name : Kenteth Liles
    About the Author : I have Aspergers Syndrome. I love to read and write fiction. I also write poetry and this is the first book that I have published. I also love movies and spending time with acceptable friends. I have traveled to six countries including the States. Where I consider home is Millstatt, Austria. Though, I have lived in Rome, Italy for far more than any other place.
    Book ISBN : 9798429413549
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