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Description of the Book:

Description of the book- Bloom in Every Season is a collection of poetry about the celebration of life in all its forms. The book is, split into four parts, and each part unravels a different survivor story. Bloom in every season takes readers through the journey to embrace change without fear of falling and allowing the magic of euphoria to confidently grow and bloom in all seasons of life like the dandelions. It often persuades the readers to find hope amidst the chaos since there's restoration in all places if you are willing to accept and believe in yourself. 3R’s regain, rebuilt, and restore what's lost What’s lost has already been grown into flowers, and I saw blooming within me you cannot be everything to the world, but you can be everything to the world inside you.

Bloom in Every Season : TO ALL THE WARRIORS

  • Author's Name: P. Wondanglo Tsopoe
    About the Author: P. Wondanglo Tsopoe was born and brought up in Wokha, Nagaland, India. She graduated from Baptist College, Kohima, Nagaland, with a degree in English Literature. Post graduated in comparative literature from the University of Hyderabad (Gold medal Recipient). She’s an ardent learner, always passionate about learning something new that elevates her quiet soul. Besides having a passion for writing, he also loves reading and listening. She is the co-author of the book ‘Select Poetry collection’ ‘She’ and ‘Sunrise and Hope’. This is her first author-published poetry book. Bloom in every season explore on the themes of trauma, healing, hope, euphoria, restoration and self-discovery.
    Book ISBN: 9781005669577


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