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Description of the Book:

A collection of poems


SKU: 9789394640559
  • Author Name: Shafey Anwarul
    About the Author: Shafey Anwarul Haque is a researcher by chance, a reader by passion, a poet by legacy and a learner by birth. After a short stint as a freelance journalist and translator, he joined the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University as a research scholar. His areas of research ranges from media and gender studies to intersectionality and minority communities. He completed post graduation and graduation from the same institution. Born to a family of writers and poets on October 2nd, 1990, he completed his schooling from Gaya and then moved to Aligarh for higher studies. His father, Prof. Ain Tabish is a professor of English and an acclaimed Urdu poet who has a number of books to his credit. His mother, Dr. Shahla Reza is a housewife and also a prolific Urdu writer and recently published her nonfictional work.
    Book ISBN: 978-9394640559


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