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Description of the Book:

Are we truly running from our own identity? Are we being stopped by anyone?
Things that we can't openly speak about, we try to pretend as if they don't exist.
The book "Blind Stitches Around the Eyes" strives to bring these unresolved aspects of our lives into the spotlight.
Remember, acceptance is the first step towards change. So why wait, lets take a leap of faith for your growth and believe in change.

Blind Stitches Around the Eyes

  • Author Name: Tanu Tiwari
    About the Author: Tanu Tiwari, working as a software professional in an MNC believes that to contribute to society a writer should have an eye of a critic. Her inspiration to write poems came from reading them which are published in journals. But due to the rapid rhythm of life, she had to leave behind his love for writing poetry. The COVID19 pandemic, on the other hand, turned out to be a boon in disguise, reignited her love for writing poems.
    Book ISBN: 9788853588081


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