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Where we are presently is a product of our habits. Habits change life but if the habit is not good then the outcome won't be successful. We should desire for our habits to improve and change the quality of our life. If you want to run daily, start by walking. Good habits will transform our lives and makes things better. Good Habits can't be formed without discipline.
Come with me on this 21 day inspirational journey. This book is intended to uplift and inspire you on a positive journey. The intention is to feed your soul and create positive lasting habits.

Bless my Soul

SKU: 9789360946562
  • Author's Name: Patrice Rutty

    About the Author: I am a country girl born in the beautiful island of Jamaica. I am a mother of 7 children, a teacher, an entrepreneur and a nature lover. I enjoy writing, cooking, sewing, reading inspirational pieces, family and spending time at the beach.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946562
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