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Description of the book


Words recite a world within 

Blend of Ballads is not just collection of poems but a person, who lives and laughs in his own fancy, a child who is dazed, a soul who is screaming with pain, a heart full of gratitude, a mortal who motivates and it is a journey through a bit beautiful, bit bizarre, bit bold recitals.

A wholesome dish of words, with a pinch of vocabulary,garnished with loads of ardors and served on the platter of your book shelf  to make your heart smile.

Blend of Ballads

  • Author Name: Gunjan Bagga
    About the Author: Stepping up,towards an infinite stairwayGunjan,born on 19 june 2003,couple of days precedding the rest day. before proping down into the scribbling service, she just had a grade 4 report card. In the town of gardens and garth, an emerging poet just commencedthe cruise.Resides with a blissful bloodline ,phrenic paisons and tons of theories.Loves to cook, create and caper.Awarded with few really on fleek folks, blessed with knack to perform with phrases. Received piles of praises and piblished in the columns of handful known volumes.
    Book ISBN: 9781005768515


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