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Description of the Book :


The poems you will read are my thoughts on the actions I wish to take, the grief and heart ache that I wish to relieve and integrate into my next season of life. I'm just out here searching for peace during a dark time in my life. I have a lot I am trying to unlearn and over come. Writing has helped soothe me and release some of the backed up emotions I've had for all these years. I just pray that anyone who reads this book understands it and is encouraged to keep choosing you and never settle for less. You are a limitless being and the only obstacles in your way are the ones you choose to over power you.

Bleeding Rose

  • Author's Name : Priscilla Velez
    About the Author : My name is Priscilla Velez ,I'm 31 years old and a mother of 3, I was born in Boston,Ma and currently reside in Orlando,Fl. Early childhood was pretty good from what I can remember, once my mother and step father divorced when I was in 5th grade that was when things started to take a turn for the worst. My teenage years were pretty rough and I ended up pregnant with my daughter at 16 years old. I’ve had my fair share of living nightmares and heart break. Ive tried many ways to try and cope with all the sad things that have happened in life , some healthy and some not. One thing I’ve always noticed though is that writing has really helped give me an outlet when I just feel I can’t hold it in anymore.
    Book ISBN : 9798436826554
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