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Description of the Book:


This is a complicated world you and I live in. The one where you adorn women with flowers, never hesitating to exhaust the treasury of adjectives when defining her beauty. It’s the same world where women find their everyday life full of thorns; assaulted, abused and humiliated. You are living in a world where gender matters for all the wrong reasons. Times will change. New seeds would sprout out; flowers will bloom and wither. Yet, not everything has to change. Stories will be there till eternity. The literature will never fade and die. Never give up on dreaming. Do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. Your dream makes you real. This book presents some fragments of poetry inspired by nature, society and my dreams. I assure you it is no accident if you find yourself in any corners of this collection, for this could also be your life.


  • Author Name: FEBA MARY BABU
    About the Author: Feba Mary Babu spent most of her childhood in the serene village of Kaviyoor, in Kerala, where she learnt to live and love without caring for unsolicited opinions. She was always into journaling from her younger days and would scribble random thoughts onto pages as you do with a dear one. Her love for books and creative fiction stems up from that background. Apart from writing, Feba is also an expert in turning seemingly useless things into beautiful craftwork. She has a YouTube channel where she talks about books and does tutorials on craft making. A postgraduate student in English literature, her passion for reading has resulted in Feba’s oeuvre. Blank Verse is her first collection of poetry.


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