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Description of the Book:

This book is an anthology of 20 poems written in a span of 20 days on myriad mundane subjects ranging from nature to migraines. It is an honest take on emotions and experiences shared universally by humans all around. From the question of who am I to the question of whether to stay or not, this book is a journey of the past 4 years of the author’s life.

Black, is all I see.

  • Author Name: Veen
    About the Author: Veen, born in Kerala, brought up in Sharjah, and residing in Tamil Nadu, is an introvert at first look, who may, with time, turn out to be a goofy extrovert that you have loads of fun with. She writes poems on ephemeral moments and beings that we come across in our mundane routine life. A foodie and an avid traveller, you can find Veen huddled in a cosy corner with a book or atop a mountain with a camera on her day off.
    Book ISBN: 9780463324769


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