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Description of the Book:

A bunch of poetry, a spurt of emotions, societal observations, love for storytelling and a good vibe to go along; this book is all about reflecting different aspects, the rawness of love, insecurity, passion, drama and its affects on us, as individual beings. Addressing some core stigmas and issues in society, yet looking into the brighter romantic side of life, to the pondering of an innocent mind; this book is all about Black and White.

Black and White

  • Author Name: Rishi Paullah
    About the Author: A knack for telling stories and a forte into core advertising and brand strategising, Mumbai based filmmaker and advertising professional, Rishi Paullah has his roots in Assam. A serial entrepreneur, a writer, foodie and a seeker, Paullah has built a niche in advertising films, working with some of the premieremost national and international clientele for their brand launches as creative producer and campaign strategist. He has successfully cofounded two agencies, Storyweavers and Willendorf Motion Pictures, and has actively been promoting mental health awareness through Storyweavers. A graduate in film making and audio engineering and with a background in fine arts from Delhi School of Fine Arts, Paullah believes in narrating stories through different platforms and art expressions. One of those fateful childhood days in his school, Carmel, that he got introduced into writing limericks, when he started discovering his love for poetry. A spiritual seeker and a believer, Paullah plans to get his own chai and poetry cafe somewhere in the hills and continue promoting awareness on mental health through art and poetry and narrate stories that belong to the heart.
    Book ISBN: 9789958753091


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