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Description of the Book:


Before she became a lawyer and a blogger, Ayushi had always been a poetry lover. Bittersweet Rhymes is her first ever collection of poems about all the unspoken thoughts and unexpressed feelings that one continues to lives with— from unrequited love to repressed memories, from reflections on spirituality to society. Bittersweet Rhymes is about all the emotions that one experiences beneath the surface. feelings of love, lust, obsessions, remorse and retribution, all the bright and grey sentiments that we all suppress within the corners of our mind. Bittersweet Rhymes is real, raw and reflective. All readers will enjoy the refreshing elements this collection has to offer.

Bittersweet Rhymes

  • Author's Name: Ayushi Sharma
    About the Author: 
    Ayushi Sharma is a lawyer, writer and blogger. She holds an LLM from City, University of London. She is a reading enthusiast and the author of the popular blog Bookmarked by Ayushi. This is Ayushi’s debut as a poet. Bittersweet Rhymes is her first collection of poems. Sign up for Ayushi Shama’s newsletter here: Instagram: @bookmarkedbyayushi


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