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Description of the Book:


As we go through life, we find the missing pieces of ourselves in the people we meet, the lessons we learn, the choices we make and the emotions we experience. This is how the poem of our lives is completed.

'Bits of Broken Poetry' is a record of everything that was felt but was left unsaid. This book is a reminder that even in brokenness, we can find beauty and wholeness. I hope these poems make you feel seen, heard, and whole again.

Bits of Broken Poetry

SKU: 9789363317765
  • Author's Name: Vishrutha Thulasiram

    About the Author: A Dietitian and Health Coach with a hint of artistic abilities, who is ever so slightly obsessed with the musings of the mind and occasionally writes deep poems. She spends her time collecting hobbies as if they are Pokémon. You will find her nestled by a window with a cup of tea, definitely crocheting and reading Behavioural Nutrition journals.
    Book ISBN: 9789363317765
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