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Description of the Book:

A collection of poetry that makes you respect relationships in life which we sometimes take as granted. Certain relationships are like a perfectly dipped biscuit that comes out wholly from the tea of life. The love of a mother, the wisdom of a father, and the warmth of your beloved are deeply cherished in these pages.
The author has beautifully knitted the deep moments in few lines wherein the readers are transferred to their journey of relatable experiences.

Biscuit to my Tea

  • Author Name: Chandni Khetan
    About the Author: Chandni settled back at home after giving birth to her son, Dhruv, and savor her new life as a mother. This gave her ample time to collect her writings from those school days when hunting tigers had become a sensitive issue to the carefree holidays when the hills captured one's heart. Her writings elaborate the wonderful dating & courtship moments to marrying 'the one for you' days. With a Master's degree in Human Resource Management from Symbiosis University, Chandni has worked as an HR Manager for an Architectural firm and then a media planner and coordinator for an OOH Advertising Company. Through this book, you can experience the depth of her relationships and the respect for the ones near to her heart at various stages of life. You can also get an essence of her motherhood days through her Instagram handle @lizzybusymum
    Book ISBN: 9789394136885


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