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Description of the Book :


Birdsong is the first published anthology of poetry from Allison Carroll. It contains 20 original poems, some of which were first written a few years ago, and the rest on a sunny day on her backyard patio. Many came about as the result of a writing prompt in the form of a 20-day poetry writing challenge issued by Alvira Publishing House, a sister company of BookLeaf. Poems cover a range of topics from agency, to body image issues, anxiety and depression, issues of race and of faith, of friendship (or a loss thereof), love (winning and losing it), and insurmountable grief. It is the author's hope that readers will find something of themselves within these poems to bring them comfort.


  • Author's Name :  Allison Carroll
    About the Author :  Allison is a business and creative writing professional, editor, and a self-proclaimed bibliophile. Her experience includes grant, proposal, and content writing for consulting firms and nonprofits, and freelance editing for novelists and individuals. And when she’s not working, she’s reading! She obtained a BA in English Lit. from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2012, and the Writing For A Publication certificate from Mohawk College in 2013. She is an avid writer of poetry, book reviews, and political and observational musings on her blog (which no one reads). As a Niagara native, she enjoys hiking in the gorge and visiting local wineries, but is equally happy at home with her spouse and tiny dog, where she likes to read, drink too much coffee, and neglect household chores.
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