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Description of the Book :


This book is a collection of 20 poems written over the span of 20 days, as a part of the writing challenge. Most poems were written from experience while the others are based purely on imagination. There are some poems that talk about thought-provoking socials situations that need to be fixed and also show love and concern for the environment. While India is still battling COVID-19, and still there are people desperately looking for jobs, I find myself really lucky to be a part of something so creative and beautiful. This book is going to be a thoughtful, calm, relaxing yet adventurous ride through my mind. So sit back, relax and binge-read the words beautifully entwined and shaped in the form of poetry.


Beyond The Pages

  • Author's Name :  Bidushi
    About the Author :  She is an Indie Author from the culture-packed land of wonders, India. She belongs to the place cradled between the sun-kissed beaches of the Bay of Bengal and the dense forests of the Eastern Ghats, the land of scenic, serene and sublime - Odisha, also known as the land of temples. She is a psychologist and has a passion for reading and writing to her heart’s content. The pandemic shaped the writer inside her. She published her first book in January of 2021, which is now available on Amazon. She has a special bond with books, movies and music, and everything that keeps her motivated in the most optimistic ways. Her name literally means ‘Wise Women’. She is Bidushi. Books by Bidushi – Reflection - a voice within (Debut Book) Find me on- Blog - E-mail – Instagram - @bidushi_subhadarshini Twitter - @BSubhadarshini
    Book ISBN :  9781005188665
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