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Description of the Book:
A compilation of poems that seeks to reflect upon the various dimensions of our everyday existence. The part of us often compromised and left unattended. The twenty poems have been narrated in free verse as well as some experiments in the Japanese senryu. They are for everyone who loves to weave the surreal and the earthly together. The poems understand how difficult silence is when our collective feels threatened and lost. Raising a toast to each one who believes life is a continuous journey to find and question. And poetry just makes it more bearable.

Beyond The Night Jasmine

  • Author Name: Adrija C.
    About the Author: Adrija C. writes poetry which is her first love in the world of words. Her pieces have appeared in Cafe Dissensus, The Alipore Post, The Chakkar to name a few of her national and international publications. Existential obligations necessitated her to obtain a Research degree in Foreign Policy, Peace Studies. It is creative verses that she finds her true self and catharsis of existence in. Besides she is also into writing nonfiction and creative fiction. She has been a contributor for creative nonfiction in an anthology of Domestic Violence narratives published by the International Human Rights Art Festival, New York. More recently one of her poems has been shortlisted for an international feminist anthology titled Looking Glass Anthology Vol. 2.


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