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Description of the Book:

We all are on a journey enjoying, experimenting with the existence of life. Get on board to experience the flavors of life, to get distracted by the emotions. Everyone has different shades of emotions. This book shall provide you a stage to unwind them. Poems have their sweet style, which helps to experiment, and this is an attempt to craft thoughts into verses. This shall give you a reflection of your reverie, a walk into perspective questioning the zest of things. So often we have an urge to fight the emotions and feelings; let us not lose mental peace in the process. This book shall provide you a glimpse of positive vibration swinging you back and forth like a pendulum. A fun fact about thoughts is that they are expressed differently; everyone has their perspective. Here you shall view a positive vibe revolving around different spectrums. This book shall make you rethink your thoughts.

Bewitching Tour

  • Author Name:  Abhijit Bhosale
    About the Author: Abhijit is an engineer and an IT professional working at an MNC. Beyond this, he likes reading in his free time and enjoys experimenting. He is passionate about creative prospects and artistic views. Initially, he wasn’t drawn towards literature, but the exploration ignited the burning lamp. For him, writing started as a path to get distracted to explore the possibilities of imagination. He feels writing is a creative way of storytelling and also an excellent measure to learn new concepts. A poet rose to the occasion for starters and slowly built an appetite to blend his flavours into stories and novels. He knows the power of words and the invisible relationship it has with us. He is a person who writes to experiment, trying to give it his ideas. He thinks writing is an artistic way of communication, expression, and also a form of mediation.


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