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Description of the Book:

Between the folds – the untamed tales, is a compilation of 20+ teeny tales written as poetry unleashing the various emotions of one’s heart. Each page is inked with a different anecdote expressing the depth of different situations that one has to come across in the journey of life. All these raw poetries explain the pain of a lover, the love of a mother, the affection of a daughter, the helplessness of a girl, the misery of a friend and many more. Between the folds expects the readers to read between the lines and feel the profundity of the instances the writer has gone through while penning the thoughts down. The pages might take you down the memory lane where you have been under a similar position. The poems are interpretation of author’s thoughts only and it shows different facets of love and pain.

Between the Folds: The Untamed Tales

SKU: 9781005505905
  • Author's Name: Praachi Kapoor
    About the Author: Praachi Kapoor, born in Delhi, is a Chemistry teacher by profession and an author by passion. It has been more than 12 years that she is an avid reader of fiction with a stock of more than 100 novels. She started writing her heart out as a hobby only in the form of poetry sometimes and short stories the other times. Her earlier works were restricted to Chemistry only, and she has published a full-length chapter on K-ion batteries in a book by Wiley publications. Apart from fiction, she is also interested in enhancing her educational background and at the age of 25, she has already secured three degrees in her name and pursuing the fourth one. She believes in the fact that "Investment in education gives the best interest." In addition to reading, music, food and travel is what excites her. Her desires: In the chromophore of people's lives, be an auxochrome and intensify the colors. Praises and criticism are the two shoulders to carry the face of success and both are welcomed at: LinkedIn: E-mail:
    Book ISBN: 9781005505905


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