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Description of the Book :


This collection of poems encompasses the feelings of what it’s like to lose one’s self and break free from the confines of one’s own mind and self-destructive thoughts. It symbolizes the importance of memories, magical or destructive, and what it means to dream in ultraviolet technicolor radiance. This book is a collection of words meant to exude a spark within the reader’s soul and Anaise Rose’s words will help each reader find their own true light and peace hidden beneath the shadows. With each broken heart and fragile mind, readers will embark on a journey to help repair themselves and become whole again. Scars may remain, but it’s important to know that the road each person travels down, with its concrete cracks and broken lines, signifies each individual journey taken to get to the other side. It will lead you to the picket fenced gardens filled with roses waiting to be plucked and taken on a new adventure.

Beneath the Thorns

  • Author's Name :  Janae Truesdale
    About the Author :  Janae Truesdale, better known by her pen name, Anaise Rose, is a 28 year old born and bred New Yorker. Her love of poetry developed much later in life, as she often felt restricted and intimidated by classical poetry and its many confusing metaphors. As life moved forward, and came with its ups and downs, she realized the deeper meaning that poetry seeks to convey in its way of capturing the truth, pain, and hope within her heart. She draws inspiration from many classical and modern day poets as well as her favorite music genre, singer-songwriter/alternative. She connects with anything that tells a story, however magnificent or bleak it may be. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching modern dance and a weekly creative writing course to young girls, making candles, watching horror movies, traveling, and she is constantly on the hunt for the best new Mac and cheese place to discover in the city. To follow along on her life and artistic journey, connect with her on Instagram at @Anaise_Rose.
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