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Description of the Book:


BELOVED is about closeness... a touch... a memory... any form of expression that articulates your love towards your 'beloved'. This collection of poems takes you flying through the changing hues and currents of love. It is a love letter to yourself, and a reminder to future self, for keepsaking.

Beloved - A Compilation of Love Poems

SKU: 9789363315112
  • Author's Name: Caroline Parajo

    About the Author: Ssup? I'm Shivam, a med student on a journey through stethoscopes and syllables. When I'm not buried in textbooks, you'll find me lost in the vibrant strokes of Madhubani painting or experimenting with modern art vibes. Oh, did I mention I'm a proud lefty? Embracing my unique perspective in a right-handed world! Join me in flipping through the colorful canvases of life and poetry, where I paint with words and prescribe doses of emotion. Welcome to my world, where stethoscopes meet stanzas, and healing comes in hues.
    Book ISBN: 9789363315112
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