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Description of the Book:

Hello. I am no Shakespeare. I'm no Keats or Shelley. These poems might not be the most complex sonnets or follow the rules of "great art". But, they are me. My emotions. How I rationalize every day into a few short lines and metaphors. To help me make sense of this life. Living is complex enough, I don't need my poems to be. If I can just instill emotion into 1 person, then I succeeded. I can sleep well at night with a smile on my face. I hope at least one of these poems speaks to you. And maybe a different one will on a different day. Who knows? I don't. Look, I won’t pretend to know everything, or anything for that matter. But I will share with you what I learned. And I hope this helps you. I know it helps me.

Before the Friction

  • Author Name : DK Griffith
    About the Author : DK Griffith (He/Him) is a writer and comedian from New Jersey. This is his first print published work. You can read more of his poetry over at He posts a new poem every day and you can keep up-to-date with new projects.


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