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Description of the Book :


Every night, right before I go to sleep, my mind races and thoughts come out of nowhere. These thoughts are typically strung into different tones and emotions. This is where those thoughts have been put. You may resonate, you may not, but either way, welcome to my crazy life before I fall asleep.

Before I Go To Sleep

SKU: 9781005921200
  • Author's Name :  Sara J.Biro
    About the Author :  Sara was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved south to Florida for college. She attended Florida Gulf Coast University and earned her degree in bioengineering. Sara has always had a passion for writing and does it on the side when her time allows, typically right before she falls asleep. She enjoys volunteering and spending time with her rescue animals at home. Sara hopes to make a career in healthcare, with some writing on the side. Overall, she really just wants to make a difference.
    Book ISBN :  9781005921200
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