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Description of the Book:


INTRODUCTION: In front of you, is a fine collection of love poems, religious poems, personal growth poems, and lessons on life and challenges. There is also a significant theme centered on women because as a woman from a visible minority group, we sometimes feel powerless. I write to encourage you all to stand tall and stay strong. The theme of culture or black race (African) rises in some of my poems because I can never disconnect from my background and roots. These memories keep me grounded and fearless in my writings. My main reason for mixing up a little bit of everything into this collection is to show how open-minded I have chosen to be. I am a Christian but I also believe in love and not ashamed to express my feelings and emotions for the fear of being judged and criticized. My secret is, criticism makes you stronger only if you can look within and not from the outside. Of course, some of my poems may have an undertone of sadness, which stands for a symbolic time in my life when I faced certain challenges and even went through depression but still came out strong. This collection is a full representation of my true, authentic self, with all my imperfections and flaws and mistakes. I agree that I am broken and still growing into a flower. I have poured out my heart to you, though in pieces but the truth remains – “my scars are beautiful” Thank you for joining me in my journey by reading through these poems.

Beautiful Scars

  • Author Name: Martina Mukete
    About the Author: 
    AUTHOR’S BIO: Born and raised in Cameroon (Central Africa), Martina moved to Canada in 2010 with her family and was enrolled at the University of Ottawa where she obtained an Honors Bachelor of Social Sciences with a major in Public Administration and minor in Sociology. After her degree, she proceeded to follow her “one time dream” of becoming a journalist by completing a Diploma in Journalism from Algonquin College, Ottawa in 2017. Martina is also a published author in one of Margaret Fishback Power’s book titled “ FOOTPRINTS” where she wrote a letter to the author and was privileged to feature in her next book. Apart from writing, Martina loves art (painting and drawing). She used art as a coping mechanism or therapy when she was going through a difficult time and today she has made over 100pieces of acrylic paintings on canvas.
    Book ISBN: 9781005990534


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