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Description of the Book :


"I have always found comfort in reading. Through novels I found an escape from reality and a way to live a million lives and go on thousands of adventures. I only recently discovered that writing can be equally liberating. 
Life can get messy. There are so many highs and lows as each day has the potential to be unexpected. Some are filled with brilliance and beauty, others filled with pain and despair. These poems have been an outlet and a privilege. They are my way of appreciating the beautiful rollercoaster of life."

Beautiful Rollercoaster

  • Author's Name : Nickie LoVerde
    About the Author : Nickie was born in raised in the small town of Mt. Morris, New York, home of Francis Bellamy and Letchworth State Park in the backyard. Nickie has worked for Livingston County for fifteen years, currently as a Family Services Caseworker. Though at 34, she still doesn't know what she wants be when she grows up, there has always been a passion for reading and writing.
    Book ISBN : 9798429466378
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