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Description of the Book :


Time heals all wounds, but sometimes only we can fully heal ourselves. In the beginning, our idea of love is pure and simple; but, as with anything in life, our situations can quickly turn what we know into something we thought we knew.

Battered, Bruised, but Never Broken

SKU: 9789357445252
  • Author's Name : Madison Lesher
    About the Author : Ever since she was a child, Madison, or preferably Maddie, has always been obsessed with books - reading and writing them. Although her taste for books is ever increasing, she never forgot that dream of one day writing her own. Maddie is currently a sophomore in college, working towards a B.A. in Spanish and English, and has published work in her college's Art & Literature magazine, Iconoclast. This is her debut poetry collection.
    Book ISBN : 9798428391589
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