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Description of the Book :


Waves and rats, self-hate and potato. Those are my deep inner thoughts. Should you find a poem that matches your feeling, please remember that you are not alone, and I will know that I am not too alone in this world. This book does not have a theme, but this is to show random things that occupy my mind. Though there are only less than a dozen poems in this book, I hope you find my first attempt at writing my thoughts is miserably pleasant. Balter means to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skills but usually with enjoyment. You may say that I balter with my poetry, like how you balter on your favourite song. A poem book may not be best to balter, but I hope this is a reminder that in life, we don't need to be perfect in everything as long as we have fun and knowing that we all connect through balter-ing.


  • Author's Name :  Julie Song
    About the Author :  Julie Song is a proud half Vietnamese, half Korean daughter and currently studying at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She is mediocre at best at any form of fine arts performance, but she takes joy in everything she does because life is too short, so it is best to savour every moment. She enjoys poetry since she was a kid and wants to try writing her poems; the only dumb thing is this is her first book. She hopes that you will enjoy her first book <3.
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