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The things you dream to say but can’t in the dance studio, on stage, to the director, to your dance partner, to the costumer, to the ballet mistress, to the girl leads the line that’s always late, and that one person who uses natural deodorant. These are for you. If you’ve ever wondered about a dancers thoughts, or what the experience is like, here is a look into the rigorous ballet world- sarcasm first. An entertaining book of funny stories, conversation starters, and strange encounters in a haiku format collected for the dance world and those surrounding it.

Ballet May Not Be For You - A Collection of Ballet Inspired Haiku's

SKU: 9781005416973
  • Author's Name :  Martin Skocelas-Hunter
    About the Author :  Martin Skocelas-Hunter is an award-winning ballet dancer, educator and poet. Martin is from Canton, Michigan, but currently is living his life as an artist throughout the United States. Before he began writing poetry, Martin studied ballet for nearly thirty years. His journey began learning the Cecchetti Ballet Syllabus, later training in other methods and styles such as Vaganova, Bournonville, and Balanchine. For a fuller academic experience, Martin later attended Grand Valley State University for Dance Performance. While attending the university, Martin was offered a performance contract with Ballet Fleming (Christopher Fleming, Artistic Director), in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and left to begin his performance career on the east coast. Since leaving Michigan, Martin has performed across, up, and down the entire east coast with various ballet companies. Whether off the stage or in the studio, Martin constantly conversed over funny ideas, thoughts, theory, and interactions with other dancers. Over the situations we would encounter and things said under people’s breath. So, throughout the years, he began writing his own thoughts and things he observed in small haikus. All in good fun, and love for the art, he began to collect them saving them to give other dancers a smile.
    Book ISBN :  9781005416973
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