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Description of the Book:

'Awaken the Feminine' Divine is Claudia Vyvyan’s first collection of poems. The collection is a diverse investigation into feminine confidence, memory, and love in the modern era. The collection drifts from hazy descriptions of young love to poems of political anger to heartbreak and abuse. There are moments of clarity and moments of abstraction that balance the pieces and place them within the confusion of young, modern, and digital life. Ultimately, the triumph of womanhood drenches the collection and grounds the revolution of raw female anger that overflows from the pages of the book and into the hearts of the reader.

Awaken the Feminine Divine

  • Author Name : Claudia Vyvyan 
    About the Author : Claudia Vyvyan is an emerging poet and playwright currently studying Education and International Development at the University of Cambridge. Her poetry has also been published in Notes Publications, TYPE! And Public Menace. She has recently been shortlisted for the Hope Mill Theatre’s 'Through the Mill’ national playwriting competition with her play Middle, Beginning and End. Previous writing credits include Permanent Marker (Corpus Playroom ADC) Don't Interrupt Me (Winner of HATS new writing competition), Welcome to my Parents (Marlowe Society).


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