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Description of the Book:
Avocado is a compilation of poems about love, grief, trauma, abuse, and recovery, with each poem serving a different function.cures a different grief by dealing with a different agonyAvocado takes readers on a trip through life's most bitter events, finding sweetness in them because sweetness can be found anywhere if you simply search for it.


  • Author's Name: Ujjawal Verma
    About the Author: Ujjawal Verma was born and reared in the Indian city of Visakhapatnam. He has directed a few short films, one of which being How It Ends, a poetic depiction. He is intrigued in love, loss, and healing. INTENTION is a safe space for gradual healing and forward growth on his podcast. By sharing his experiences with the outside world, he hopes to promote awareness of people's subconscious brains. He believes that one day his efforts will contribute to positive social change.
    Book's ISBN: 9789394136724


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