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Description of the Book:

Leaves turn red and fall as seasons change,
So too do we all until we're old and grey.

'Autumn Winds' is a poetry anthology with poems about the growing pains in life. Like the first winds of autumn, these poems will take you on a bittersweet journey of change and remind you that it is okay to let go and love at your own pace. This book is one you can curl up with on a cozy day, with a nice cup of hot chocolate to keep you company.

Would you be so bold as to take this journey?

Autumn Winds

  • Author Name: Shubhangi Srinivasan
    About the Author: Shubhangi is a writer, blogger, and artist. She began writing poetry at the age of thirteen and published her first book, 'April Lyrids' at 23. Her work is largely inspired by her love for songwriting. She draws heavily on surrealist and escapist themes in her poetry, using elaborate imagery. She is a huge admirer of art and constantly indulges in art, in languages she is unfamiliar with. According to her, art has no boundaries and life is too short to turn a blind eye to beautiful things just because they are out of our comprehension. Shubhangi believes that poetry is for everybody and that, in turn, everyone can find a part of themselves in poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9788922121690


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