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Description of the Book:


The book in front of you was a raw, vulnerable project. I have grown through several different stages of myself since writing the first page. I hope you are able to understand and lean into several different versions of yourself whilst reading my journey, as we are both among the life of constant change, and if we allow it, constant growth.

I hope this book helps you find insight, maybe without giving answers to your questions but instead to help you dust off the answers already within yourself. To help you keep serenity while reading it and lasting calmness once you put it back down.

Autonomy and Altruism

SKU: 9789363316706
  • Author's Name: Lauren Smith

    About the Author: One of many passions that Lauren has is expressing growth, emotion, and honesty in the form of writing. She wants you to remember that no one can take your words away from you, or tell you they are wrong. They will always belong to you.
    Book ISBN: 9789363316706
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