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Description of the Book:

The poet has always felt the presence of an entity amongst the stars. "Down below is the world across, up above is infinity." Every night, sleep escapes the poet as he stays up trying to solve the mystery of the mystic entity. These poems are constellation of the visions and fever dreams the poet had, while searching for his answers. "The more he writes, the more the mystery unravels." Be cautious with this book, for you're about to get involved with the starry entity...


  • Author's Name: Sharon Joel Jaison
    About the Author: When Sharon is not stringing up weird arbitrary words together, he likes to go for long walks. Always listening to music and have watched a lot of movies. He thinks his spirit animal is a panda and he acts like it, being a complete goofball. Winner of many debate competitions, he has a dream of world peace. And lastly, he loves sports and has a good talent in most of them, his favourite being football so you can always invite him for a good match to play.
    Book ISBN: 9781005783389


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