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Description of the Book:

Soul , creativity and love these are exactly the things put together in this collection of poems. Each poem portrays a different story, while some have love , some have struggles and some have experienced hell and heaven right here on earth. In this book you will find topics that are considered to be controversial too. This book is a mixture of emotions. This book is all about feeling alive as you read each poem that freshness of the breeze you will feel. Are you ready to dive into the world of poetry and fly across the clouds of emotions ?


  • Author Name: Amritha siddhi
    About the Author: Amritha siddhi indupalli, is a graduate in history, Geography and public administration from osmania university, currently pursuing masters in sociology from IGNOU and simultaneously preparing for civil services , She aspires to become an efficient civil servant in future and serve the people and government to the best of her ability .Amritha as a poet takes inspiration from nature , She finds the heartbeat in lifeless things like sun ,moon,sand ocean, etc most of her poetry comes from how people in general should take inspiration form the little things that we see in nature and she also takes interest in painting and music and gardening. She believes there is no other substitute for hardwork
    Book ISBN: 9785300345426


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